Using gaze and fixation research to develop VR pilot training

CINEON has been working with a jet training company to develop a prototype virtual reality application to train pilots using the Pico Neo 2 Eye.

Working with Aquila Jet Training, Cineon are developing a training system that utilises in-VR eye-tracking to provide Feedback Eye-Movement Training (FBEMT) – proven to enhance training efficiency.

The training tool is based upon an Airbus A320. Trainees undertake ‘flow patterns’ involving both physical interactions and visual monitoring.

The tool utilises gaze and fixation research to monitor performance and provide unique insight.

Cineon Director, Toby de Burgh, said: “This is the first of a new line of in-VR eye-tracking training tools we are developing – this one for pilot training. There is a significant body of research around the use of eye-tracking as an aid to learning.

“We are hoping to develop this prototype further for pilot training with a number of UK airlines who are interested in adopting VR training to complement existing desktop and simulator based training.”