Trusted Training Partnerships

Lead the way with next-generation education technology, methods, and support.

Our Trusted Training Partnership (TTP) empowers training providers to access our cutting-edge technology, customize it to their specific needs, and deliver highly effective behavioral training. Be among the first to offer this innovative solution in your industry. By joining as a Trusted Training Partner, you gain access to a comprehensive support package and our leading software and technology, ensuring you always deliver industry-leading behavioral training.

Benefits to the TTP

  • Advanced support
  • State-of-the-art VR hardware
  • In-built eye-tracking technology
  • Industry-leading immersive behavioral training software
  • Unique and measurable learning experiences
  • Competitive advantage
  • Access to dedicated VR developer
  • Continuous updates and product value development
  • Access to our TTP portal and training materials
  • Full system training and support from Cineon

TTP Can Be Used For:

  • Enhanced radiation protection training
  • Human performance training
  • Teambuilding
  • Workload management
  • Information management
  • Time pressure training
  • Hazard identification

What's Included in the TTP

Before committing to our TTP, we offer a range of demonstrations and a no-obligation 3-month trial of the software and hardware.


Advanced Behavioural Training Software

The TTP allows full access to our RAD training product which can be used for advanced radiation protection training as well as providing training around human performance principles.



State of the art immersive training technology

Once you have become a TTP you will receive advanced Virtual Reality (VR) and eye-tracking technology incorporated into a training package that is not currently offered elsewhere. The equipment will have your software pre-installed.


Full system training

We will run an onsite workshop at our modern impact labs facility at the University of Exeter where we will walk you through the technology, software and how to deliver training workshops seamlessly.


Your own VR developer

As a TTP you will have access to your own developer who can advise you as and when you need them, they will also help you with any support queries.


Continuous package support and updates

TTP’s have priority support from both our commercial and development teams. This will ensure you will deliver professional and seamless training workshops. 



Access to the TTP portal

The new TTP portal will be your home for all things immersive training related. You will find user manuals on your hardware, instructions on how to use the RAD training software and access to your developer and support teams.