Training Air Traffic Controllers with industry leading human performance technology

In this blog post, Nicola Steevenson, Founding Director at HUMAN PERFORMANCE SOLUTIONS, discusses her recent work with Cineon Immersive Training delivering experiential Human Factors training to Air Traffic Controllers.

I have been working with Cineon Immersive Training for several years and was thrilled to recently deliver a series of joint workshops with them using Virtual Reality (VR) technology.

We designed a workshop focusing on situation awareness, information processing and workload management for Air Traffic Controllers at Air Navigation Solutions.

The workshop incorporated wide-ranging research theory with immersive VR and eye-tracking, culminating in a series of team-based activities.

These training exercises made use of various high-performance industries to demonstrate that workers have similar types of challenges and difficulties to overcome in order to work effectively.

Collaborative eye-tracking was used to demonstrate what the ATCOs were looking at and what distracted them, in order to understand what might go wrong when things are stressful or time pressured.

Working with Tom Arthur (from CINEON and the University of Exeter), we were then able to discuss how the practical activities related to scientific theory and how individuals could use this information to optimise Air Traffic operations.

Please see below for stills from the VR environment and images of the event.

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