Product Overview

Missed MRI appointments cost the NHS on average £11m annually, and lead to poor patient outcomes. Cineon has developed a solution that can significantly reduce cancellations and enhance scan quality. iSAVE is a virtual MRI experience that enables patients to gain familiarity with the MRI process before undertaking a scan. It is able to automatically adapt in real-time to anxiety and implement personalised exposure therapy. 

  • Developed in conjunction with Plymouth University Hospitals NHS Trust, Torbay and South Devon NHS Trust, StoryJuice and the University of Exeter
  • Features a covert anxiety estimation algorithm which delivers a bespoke exposure to the environment
  • As well as reducing no-shows, we aim to reduce the amount of time needed to acclimatise an anxious patient at the real appointment, increasing throughput and cost savings



     Product Features


  • An intelligent companion guides the patient through the experience to deliver advice and coaching 
  • It encompasses the entire experience of a scanning appointment to prepare the patient from start to finish - short and long options available for repeat users 
  • 2 versions - one standalone and the other controlled by a clinician via a desktop
  • Includes stillness coaching to help improve scan quality