New work with Magnox to train workers in decommissioning activities

We have been commissioned by Magnox to create a virtual training tool to teach workers how to use specialist tools used in decommissioning activities.

Cineon is again working with Magnox, this time to create a virtual version of a laser-cutting tool which is to be used to dismantle a nuclear reactor. This virtual laser cutter will be used to train workers how to use the tool in reality.

Cineon’s designers will use existing 3D models of the Dragon reactor core and will create two separate training tools. The first will allow users the opportunity to explore the Dragon Reactor Core in VR. This tool aims to allow operators to familiarise themselves with the core construction and layout before working on the actual core.

The second tool will see the team develop a virtual replica of the core segmentation control panels and CCTV system. Developers will create a virtual training environment to allow workers the opportunity to operate a virtual laser cutting tool, used in the segmentation process. This Manipulator Training Tool for core segmentation will allow operators the opportunity to practice techniques and skills associated with this highly complex task, before engaging in the real activity.

This will be Cineon’s second project working with Magnox, developing training simulations for nuclear decommissioning tasks. The Magnox Flask project saw the team develop virtual flask-handling equipment. This equipment had not yet been built and by creating a virtual simulation that could be explored by operators, designers were able to gather important feedback and update the design accordingly. The virtual flask simulation can also be used to train operators in how to use the equipment without the risk of plant damage or injury.