Helping frontline NHS staff with limited PPE choices

Cineon Training has created a free online training app to support NHS staff with limited PPE choices during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We saw how much the NHS is struggling with PPE, and wanted to use our immersive training expertise to support key workers. After discussions with medics, we mobilised a team of 17 skilled professionals and created our COVID-19 PPE training app within only 3 weeks, and we achieved this whilst all working remotely. So as to be accessible to all this training has been designed to run via the internet on a desktop PC or laptop.

Toby de Burgh, Cineon’s Company Director, said, “Our dedicated team pulled out all of the stops and far exceeded my expectations. NHS guidance has been rapidly changing in light of PPE shortages and new data, and our skilled professionals have worked tirelessly to create an effective app to help NHS key workers right now”.

The app works by getting the healthcare worker to dress a virtual ‘avatar’ in a range of PPE configurations based upon different clinical situations.  It then tests their knowledge in a number of ‘real life’ scenarios set inside a virtual hospital.

NHS staff can access the training tool here.

Full details about browser compatibility can be found on the webpage.

This project has been delivered with support from the University of Exeter and Unity.

Contact us now if you have questions about our Covid-19 PPE training.