Eye Tracking

With around a decade of experience, Cineon's cutting-edge eye-tracking technology, combined with evidence-based research and machine learning practices, can revolutionize performance training and cognitive behavioral analysis in various industries. We believe in unlocking human potential through innovative technology. Our eye-tracking service provides valuable insights into a person’s concentration, focus of attention, and state of mind, offering unprecedented understanding of their cognition and emotion.

Applications in Performance and Training

Eye-tracking technology has diverse applications in performance and training across various fields:

  1. Understanding Expertise: Gain insights into the psychology and decision-making of expert performers to enhance training methodologies for novices.
  2. Training Enhancement: Provide tailored feedback to trainers and trainees to develop perceptual and cognitive skills, optimizing learning outcomes.
  3. Validating VR Simulations: Assess the usability, ergonomics, and fidelity of VR simulations to optimize design and functionality for immersive training experiences.
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The Science Behind Our Work

Our eye-tracking services are underpinned by up-to-date findings from psychology, neuroscience, and human performance research. We utilize key eye-tracking metrics to support human factors training, including:

  • Assessing Expertise: Evaluate task expertise objectively through gaze metrics, derived from elite sport science methodologies.
  • Assessing Psychological State: Integrate principles of psychology and neuroscience to assess cognitive and behavioral states, detecting stress, boredom, and cognitive biases.
  •  Training Skills and Competencies: Develop evidence-based eye-tracking training tools to enhance performance across various domains, from sports to military operations.
  • Augmenting Immersive Training: Combine eye tracking with immersive technology to personalize training experiences in real-time, optimizing learning efficiency.
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Validation of Virtual Simulations

We use eye tracking to ensure the authenticity of virtual environments by assessing construct validity and psychological fidelity. By comparing eye-tracking metrics in simulations with real-world scenarios, we ensure effective VR training outcomes.

Solving problems and innovating training via our research and development

Cineon Immersive Training can provide research and development services and has designed, undertaken and published many research studies for clients like the Ministry of Defense. We have a great deal of expertise in the assessment of training simulations (both physical and virtual). As we are partnered with the University of Exeter we have leading academics and researchers at our disposal.

Metrics Behind Our Leading Technology

Our eye-tracking technology analyzes key characteristics, including fixations, saccades, pursuit, entropy, and visuomotor integration, to provide comprehensive insights into human behaviour and performance.

Our Solutions

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