Cineon launches radiation safety training tool on Quest

Cineon is excited announce the launch of a new radiation protection training tool, which will be the team’s first virtual reality simulation designed for the Oculus Quest.

This fully immersive VR tool had been designed for use in industries that requires radiation safety training such as power stations, hospitals, universities and schools.

Users can experiment with dosimeters to detect radiation sources, track their radiation dose and explore the effects of different shielding types.  

Cineon Director, Kate Sprake, who is a qualified Radiation Protection Advisor with experience in both the nuclear and medical sector, has led the design of this tool.

She said: “We have accurately recreated in the virtual world a radiation protection toolkit designed to teach users about concepts such as time, distance and shielding. It gives trainees the opportunity to put into practice theory learnt in the classroom environment.”

Another thing which makes this simulation tool unique is that it is the first tool Cineon have designed for the eagerly anticipated Oculus Quest.

The Quest was released in May and has taken the VR world by storm. It is a stand-alone system, which means no PC or wires are required, but still offers VR users six degrees of freedom similar to the more expensive, traditional tethered systems.

Kate added: “Being able to create this tool for the Quest will mean it is much more accessible for users. It is highly portable, simple to set up and use and makes an excellent addition to classroom training.

“These stand-alone systems will pave the way for making VR a more mainstream tool in safety training.”

Details on when the Cineon Training Virtual Reality Radiation Protection Simulation Tool will be available to purchase will be announced on our website and social media soon.

For more information about this tool, contact the Cineon team on 01392 444111 or email