Cineon brings VR to Galp Energisers Summit

The Cineon team has returned from Lisbon where they attended the Galp Energisers Summit 2020.

Representatives from Galp saw our virtual training tool designed to train oil refinery operators and developed using cognitive task analysis, in action at a demonstration in Brussels last year.

The Galp annual conference was attended by more than 1,000 delegates from across the globe and took place at the Altice Arena, one of Portugal’s largest venues.

Galp is an energy company with sites in 11 countries across the world. They are members of Concawe, which commissioned the virtual training tool and have access to the Concawe Virtual Reality Simulation Training Tool (VRSTT) to train its staff.

Company director Toby de Burgh said: “It was an honour to be invited to attend this event. It was an excellent opportunity to demonstrate and talk about the Concawe VRSTT, which was very well received among delegates.

“We have now taken this training tool to Belgium, Portugal, Germany, and the Netherlands demonstrating to a number of oil and energy companies, who are leading the way in adopting innovation and new technology in training.”