Unity Developer / C# Programmer


Job Description:

We are seeking an experienced Unity Developer to support VR software development across a range of projects in health, military and aviation performance settings. This is a permanent role with an initial 3-month probationary period. Applicant must be able to work some of the week in our UK office in Exeter due to the secure nature of the projects we work with.


Person Requirements: 

  • Unity engine experience (3 years+ in industry/outside of education) with experience working in VR (or in XR more generally)
  • Good C# programming skills.
  • Experience utilising C# .NET in non-Unity projects.
  • At least some familiarity with S.O.L.I.D development principles or other similar (GRASP, CUPID, etc.)
  • Has implemented fully working multiplayer functionality into a project (preferably from the ground up, and using Mirror or the now deprecated and dead “Unity Networking”).
  • Has worked on VR projects before. Especially in making comfortable experiences (no VR sickness).
  • Is familiar with underlying computer technologies (binary in memory, data storage, networking, etc.).
  • Has experience working with, and setting up GIT repositories.
  • Understands the need to write clean code with clear comments.
  • Understands the necessity for following programming style guides.



  • 5 years of Unity experience.
  • Has released a game onto the wider market (itch.io, Steam, Oculus, etc.). Preferably, at least one of these should be VR, but not essential.
  • Has experience in the optimisation of VR in terms of visual fidelity – such as in the use of optimised textures, texture arrays, shaders and masking.
  • Experience in the use of eye-tracking.
  • Bachelor’s degree in a related game design/game development/programming/computer science topic.


What we can offer:

  • Site based with some home working – modern working environment at the Exeter Science Park (café, good transport connections etc).
  • Pension


Salary: Competitive based on experience.

Open recruitment to be filled ASAP. Please send a CV and cover letter with a portfolio to evidence relevant project experience to bhagyshri@cineon.training. Please do not apply if you would be unable to work locally for some of the week.