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  1. Judgemental training is trialed at the RAF Force Protection Centre

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    This is a great article about VR weapons training we have developed and trialed recently with the Royal Air Force (RAF). The study was executed in 3 phases, allowing the trial to compare the virtual reality judgemental training against existing training options such as Close Quarter Battle Training serials and the Dismounted Close-Combat Trainer (DCCT). It does not replace training with live ammunition, but its use makes live fire marksmanship and tactical training more efficient by introducing the student to a higher level of competence. Built for the HTC VIVE Pro with a version that incorporates real-time adaptions based on Tobii eye-tracking.

  2. Human Factors Training in Air Traffic Controllers

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    We get to undertake training at some interesting locations… Last week the team were at Gatwick Airport training air traffic controllers in Human Factors – debuting our multi-user VR training: ‘Understanding how cognitive bias influences how we see the world’, as well as testing our eye-tracking based TACET training. Delivered by Tom Arthur of Cineon and Nicola Steevenson of Human Performance Solutions. Some excellent feedback was received – well-done team!

  3. We are soon launching our INCORA infection control training with the NHS

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    We will be launching our INCORA infection control training with clinicians at Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust and University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust next month.

    The system visualises invisible infection hazards in a virtual hospital and coaches appropriate hygiene and PPE use.
    INCORA uses complimentary scorm-compatible LMS with specific learning in standalone ‘bitesized’ VR on the PicoXR Neo 3. This makes it accessible and easy to deploy in a large organisation like the NHS.

  4. We have moved to Exeter Science Park

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    The dust has finally settled on our move to new offices at Exeter Science Park Limited. We have now been here a month and already feel very much at home. The facilities here are second to none and mean we have much needed space to grow. We now also have much more space to demonstrate our tech – please feel free to stop by and visit us.

  5. Drone Training with Devon and Cornwall Police

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    We are excited to be working with Devon and Cornwall Police and Future Skills Centre Exeter in the development of search and rescue drone training. The training will use in-VR eye-tracking.

    Why are we using this technology?

    VR can simulate any number of weather conditions and flying hazards, and of course means that a real drone is not required each time hence less risk and cost.

    But why eye-tracking?

    Success in search and rescue is not just about flying a drone competently, it involves many human factors (workload management, situational awareness, communications etc). Eye-tracking not only helps us to understand what constitutes expertise in this task but can be used to coach desired behaviours and gaze strategies.

    The training is being developed for the HP Omnicept VR headset with Tobii eye-tracking.