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We at Cineon are pioneers in developing immersive technology and eye-tracking solutions for a wide spectrum of training and therapeutic applications. Our primary objective is to elevate learning outcomes and refine performance through rigorously researched, evidence-based training methods. By leveraging immersive technologies like eXtended Reality (XR), we are able to optimise human behaviour in high-pressure and safety-critical environments.

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Cineon pioneers cost-effective XR training and therapy, seamlessly tailoring real-time experiences to individual psycho-physiological states with innovative data-driven tools and built-in eye-tracking.

PAVE (Psych Adaptive Virtual Environments) forms the basis of a growing number of VR training and therapy products we bring to market. The product revolutionizes the landscape by enabling the covert, real-time estimation of emotions, behavior, and performance. 

These groundbreaking tools offer unparalleled advancements, empowering us to deliver VR experiences that adapt intelligently to individuals' psychological nuances, reshaping the future of training and therapy


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Nuclear Radiation Safety – Protecting staff in radioactive environments

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